BOTB Playing tips

As these occur to me I’ll add them to this page

  1. Don’t play with just 1 ticket.
    The extra discount you get for playing over 5 and then over 10 is really worth it.  For example if one ticket is £5 then 5 tickets are £20 (£4 per ticket) and 10 tickets are £30 (£3 per ticket!).
  2. Avoid marginal mistakes.
    4 tickets costs the same as 5 tickets with the discounts and 8 tickets and 9 tickets are more expensive than 10 tickets!
  3. Pay the extra £1 per ticket to get £10,000 in the boot if you are lucky enough to win.
    It actually only costs you 80 pence if you buy 5 tickets and above and only 60 pence if you buy 10 or more tickets.
  4. BOTB remembers your purchases.
    If you have played previously in a week BOTB remembers this and adds your discount calculated against all your sales that week. Handy for those sunday night, last minute epiphanies…