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Setup GivEnergy Inverter with Octopus Flux

After signing up to Flux i found the setup of my inverter a bit confusing so I made this simple guide.

Installing WordPress with DBngin

If you are running DBngin on your Mac and want to install a local copy of WordPress for development you will find the WordPress installer won’t work.  The reason behind this is DBngin uses sockets to make it’s connections.  If you head to the command line and type “mysql” you’ll see an error like this: […]

OSX – Adding a new app path to your $PATH

Every time I see “just add /usr/local/whatever/” to your path in some documentation I just want to scream!  I’m no bash, zsrch, etc officianado so I just want to curl up into a ball trying to work out how to do this! Fortunately I have discovered that this snippet works just fine so far for […]

Mimicking Laravel scheduler during local development

When I’m developing on my local machine (OSX Mac) I sometimes need to see how the scheduler is going to interact with my application.  Perhaps running some garbage collection or sending notifications etc. Until now I’ve had to manually sit running php artisan schedule:run myself which is not what I signed up for when I […]

Export all mysql databases from Homestead

Export all your mysql databases into separate files using this command line code

Forwarding emails without creating a user account in Office365

Forward Office365 emails without having to create users. Great for company splits eg de-mergers etc

Fixed: Cannot create Skype account with Office 365 email address

Here’s something incredibly annoying! If you have an Office365 account you cannot create a Microsoft account for use with Skype using that email address.

Validate UK Driving Licence number using REGEX (DVLA)

Regex to determine the validity of a UK Driving Licence number

F1 heads to SKY

For me TV is not an important part of my life. I don’t watch American dramas, I don’t watch Reality TV, I don’t watch Football, Golf, Cricket or Tennis. As such I have ZERO need for Sky in my life…

Add google +1 to your site easily

Everyone is talking about Google + 1 right now so it’s worth getting the button setup on your website so those using the service can recommend you to others.

Follow the link to get the code and read my advice on setting it up.

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