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How to choose the default image to show for a Facebook “Like”

Need to show a particular image against links to your website when it’s shared on Facebook?

My first Twitter Phishing attempt

Never had one of these before…

You can easily guess it’s a phishing attempt but please let your friends and clients know.

JQuery: AddClass to positive and negative values in a table

Today I found a gaping hole in the world of cut and paste JQuery googling. The need to show Table cells in different colours as you would see in an Excel sheet.

5 useful tips to protect your business

Scarily, when talking to businesses with my IT hat on I’m finding a large number of them STILL don’t have any kind of protection for their IT from the basic level of surge protection and UPS to offline backups and replacement kit available.

Using HTML in custom fields – Textpattern

A quick tutorial on using HTML in custom fields.

Using Variables in Textpattern

Using TXP Variables inside other tags can create some highly flexible templates.

Textpattern/txp “Nice try.” error message

The simple steps you need to take to fix the ‘Nice Try.’ error message on your Textpattern/TXP installation

GMap: map.setZoom

If you have a map with multiple markers you may be using “map.setZoom((map.getBoundsZoomLevel(bounds)));” to rezoom the map then “map.setCenter(bounds.getCenter());” to center it.

Sometimes this means that although the ‘point’ is in view the marker gets pushed off the top of the screen.

Lotus Youtube Virals perhaps?

Lotus renew their James Bond heritage via YouTube

Migrating Unlocked iPhone from O2 to Vodafone

Just a quick one… I unlocked my O2 restricted iPhone “here”:http://shop.o2.co.uk/update/unlockmyiphone.html a few weeks ago. Today I received my new sim from Vodafone (on their £20 per month 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500Mb data plan – Link ). Mistakenly I expected this to be a painless procedure where I just stuck the new sim […]

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