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Fixed: Cannot create Skype account with Office 365 email address

Here’s something incredibly annoying! If you have an Office365 account you cannot create a Microsoft account for use with Skype using that email address.

The answer to this conundrum is simple! We just used one of our unused domains, created email forwarders for each member of staff then registered with Skype using this.  eg  alun.rowe@mycompany.co.uk forwards to my alun.rowe@mycompany.com account.  This way password resets etc can come to your work email account etc too.


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  1. David

    Hi Alun,
    I just stumbled on this problem and I’m trying to figure out how your solution works;
    I bought a new domain mycompanyskype.com and I want to forward it to mydomain.com
    (that’s where the real O365 accounts exist), you’re talking about email forwarders but
    I don’t know if I have to make the domain forward at DNS level or somewhere else.
    Can you please explain how did you achieve this?



    • Hi David

      My ISP have the ability to create mail forwarders. You can also achieve this in EXCHANGE in your admin center by creating mail rules


      • David

        Hi Alun,
        thanks for your fast reply, I checked my ISP and indeed it has that ability (didn’t know about it!), I made a quick test and it worked like a charm.

        Thank you

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