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ALUN ROWE wins BOTB 2010

Alun gets a gobsmackingly brilliant phone call

I’m pretty sure I don’t use the term ‘Gobsmacked’ in day to day conversation. In fact I can’t remember a time in my life previous to last Thursday when I had ever used it. Strangely though it was somehow the perfect word to describe how I felt a few moments after my phone rang.

Initially I though that this Rupert bloke on the other end of the phone was doing some market research or something and perhaps if I played along for a few minutes I might get a nice discount code for their website. In fact a discount code would be nice as even though I’d been playing on their site since sometime in 2002/2003 (at a guess, I’m a fair-weather player 😉 ) I’d only won a few money off vouchers for my next game.

As the phone call progressed my thoughts began to change though. He wasn’t asking the kinds of questions that would lead me to give him my credit card details or to promise I’d log onto the site as soon as I’d put the phone down. In fact at this point my mind began to race, maybe I had won the iPhone 3GS competition i’d entered a few months earlier on the death of my old iPhone 3G?

It turns out I didn’t win the iPhone…

…I definitely hadn’t won some more vouchers…

…It turns out I’d won a car. And not just any car. I’d won a Porsche Cayman!
As I mentioned earlier, I was, quite simply ‘gobsmacked’…

Once I’d finished reeling from the shock (“and you can hear the phone call here”:http://www.botb.com/PastWinners/SupercarWinners/2010.aspx ) Rupert and I had a great chat about Cars, my motivations for playing and plenty of other things and of course finally what the process was for choosing and collecting my car.

h2. Roll on a week

So, a week later and I’m sat at Porsche West London waiting to have a chat with a salesman about Porsche Caymans and the various option packs.

First of all I spent about half an hour with Ben and Will from Best of the Best having a chat and doing some pictures and a video interview. I have to say given that I was ‘costing’ them lots of cash they are truly lovely people. They seemed genuinely pleased a driving enthusiast had won the prize and I think throughout the conversation ‘congratulations’ must have been said about 100 times they really are lovely blokes!

Anyway, car ‘buying’ time (I put that in quotes as we’re still looking at a few possibilities on the car front so I’ve not ‘bought’ the car yet). Being an impatient bugger I’d discussed the possibility of taking an Ex Demo Cayman from the Porsche London group stock which Will from Best of the best had agreed would be a fine idea which meant it was test drive time!

I’ll be keeping my site upto date with the process and in the next few weeks I’ll be taking delivery of a Porsche Cayman!!!

So I’ll leave you with a pic of the car I test drove and I’ll go back to browsing the “Porsche website”:http://www.porsche.com/uk/ so I can think about any spec changes I want to make but it’ll be this car or one very similar. Like I said before, I’m gobsmacked and I feel like the luckiest person in the world!

PS Head over to BOTB here and use the code PHSUPERWIN to get a 20% discount on your entry!
Porsche Cayman


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  1. You absolute bugger… I’m no crying into my dinner :’(

  2. where is your following reply to the above story .

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