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How to delete Schoolfeed from your Facebook

Really can’t see any value in this and deleting the app from Facebook doesn’t seem to have any effect so you need to kill your SchoolFeed account instead…

Thankfully it’s easy!

Go into the school feed app, go to the bottom of the page and choose “About” then press “Delete my account”

Ta da!


Meeting David Coulthard


As if I wasn’t busy enough already


  1. James

    Hey Alun,
    Ahh… I’ve tried everything that everyone has said about removing the app.
    Nothing actually works for me.

    Initially I thought to just delete the app from facebook but, I recently learned that has no effect.

    I tried to sign out of my schoolfeed app, made no difference.

    I went to about: school feed, it tells me to “connect”, I went to feedback “If you have feedback or want to delete your information, first login by clicking Connect then click Feedback”.
    So I click “connect”. Nothing happens when I press this button.

    Is it possible that schoolfeed has removed the ability to delete you account?
    And if so, how can that be legal?

  2. Hi james

    You need to have the FB app running first, then connect, then you can find the delete link in the feedback page.

    Without you having the FB app installed and authorised Schoolfeed doesn’t know who you are.


    Reconnect with Schoolfeed
    Delete your account
    Delete the app

    Hope that works for you!


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