Just a quick one… I unlocked my O2 restricted iPhone “here”:http://shop.o2.co.uk/update/unlockmyiphone.html a few weeks ago. Today I received my new sim from Vodafone (on their £20 per month 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500Mb data plan – Link ).

Mistakenly I expected this to be a painless procedure where I just stuck the new sim in the phone. In reality it was a bit more complex so here’s what you need to do!

# Put your new sim in your iPhone
# Connect the phone your computer
# Wait for iTunes to do it’s thing
# Your phone should now be unlocked!

If it doesn’t unlock at this point you’ll need to do a full rebuild and restore. I made the mistake of thinking that previous syncs would have caught this but it turns out the phone only checks if you put a new sim in it.

Good Luck!!!

Links: Vodafone Ltd