h2. What will this post tell you?

When I first started using Google Analytics I merrily added site after site to my account, unfortunately a few months later, when a customer wanted more access to their account than just reports (users cannot set goals etc, only and admin can do this) I found myself stuck as I could not give them access to just the one site. A sensible person would think you could simply export the site to a different account but unfortunately this isn’t possible under Google Analytics so I spent some time looking at how the relationships between accounts and sites were handled. From this I created the following tutorial for my team to use in the future.

h2. Create an account per group of sites.

Some of our customers run 2 or 3 different sites which need to be analysed separately for example you may want to group all UK sites separately from their US counterparts. Once you have decided this (and remember it is _set in stone!_) you need to create a new account per group of sites. So: From the “Google Analytics homepage”:https://www.google.com/analytics/settings/home and at the top of the table of accounts you will see and option to ‘+ Add New Account’.

Firstly enter one of the URL’s you wish to monitor. eg: alunr.com

Next up give the site a sensible name eg [COMPANYNAME] – [REGION].

Next set your time zone and region and choose ‘Continue’.

Then enter a name and territory. (I’ve never found these to be used anywhere so don’t fret too much about which name to use.)

Finally read the terms and conditions and, as long as you are happy with them, Tick the box and choose ‘Create New Account’

Next up is a page with the title ‘What are you tracking?’ – Here you can add all the domains that point at that site (eg alunr.com, alunr.co.uk etc). Do not add any other microsites etc here as we’ll deal with those in a bit…

h2. Create a profile per site inside the customer account

Once you have a new account created go back to GA’s Home page, look to the top right hand corner of the page and you will see a drop down select box.

Choose the account you just created and the page will refresh. Next up you need to add each site in the group to this page. You will be provided with a different tracking code per site to use. After this you can assign users to the account as you did before but if you make them an admin they will only have admin rights over the Account they are in as opposed to ALL your sites! Hope that helps you out! If I’ve made any glaring mistakes please feel free to point them out, I think my usage of Google Analytics and my knowledge of it’s nuances is fairly basic, but it gets the job done :)