The excesses of the last week are coming one to roost. My cold that was lurking in the background is now starting to make it’s okay for domination of the human race…

Washing machine seems all good still.


I have stumbled across the Flight attendant meme. I already hate it. It’s everywhere on Twitter…


Scouts today is making a giant Space Invaders machine to thrown bean bags at.

Heard “Dancing Days are over” by the Mega City Four on the radio tonight. Reminded me of lots of great gigs I went to when I was younger.


My cold has worsened and I’m fully loaded with cold and flu caps…

Really moved my API for my app forward and am ready to push on with internationalisation soon!

Radio 6 played Seether by Verruca Salt. Ace track!


Sleeping off this illness followed by a quick trip to the School Bazaar.


Scout Bazaar.  Our Space Invaders went down a treat and we’ve been asked to rent it to other events too!


A total non-event of a day.  Too much illness in the house to get anything done